2014 Team Meeting Presentation

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Our 2014 Player / Parent Meeting was held Wednesday, February 12, 2014.  Here is the information and presentation we discussed:      February 12, 2014 Meeting Handout


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The 2014 Season is Here: Goals for the 2014 Season

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  1. We Protect Our House:  Win every home game.
  2. Be the Fittest Team We Face.
  3. 0.51 GAA for TEAM.
  4. Reach the 3rd round of the playoffs
  5. Finish Top in the SWC


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IMPORTANT: The NCAA Clearinghouse has been replaced by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

The NCAA Eligibility Center has a much broader educational mandate than the former clearinghouse. The Eligibility Center is committed to ensuring that college-bound student-athletes, high school sports administrators and parents understand all the requirements for athletic participation at the Division I and II level.


First Show it in Training

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From editor of FineSoccer.com Kids Newsletter… A philosophy that is not unique to this program… it is shared by others…

“Too often, I have heard players say “if only the coach would give me a chance…”.

The thing to realize is coaches don’t give players chances. Players EARN chances.

If you want to show you can score goals in a game, first show it in training.

If you want to show you are a better keeper than the starting keeper, first show it in training.

If you want to show you deserve to play an entire game but now are only getting play half the game, then show it in the half you are getting.

It’s easy to say what you could do if given a chance, the key is to show it WHEN given a chance.

I do realize there are many players who feel they are “gamers” and don’t show well in training but if they want to earn the right to show in games, they need to first show in any opportunity they can.

Don’t wait to be given an opportunity, if you want the chance, take advantage of any opportunities you can.”

“If Not Now, When?”
PRIDE and spirit is something that has to be developed.  You will not gain any pride or any school spirit for that matter by a half-hearted performance. The level of your pride is, therefore, directly proportional to the extent of your effort. Strive to become the best person, the best son, the best student, and the best soccer player you can become.

The success of the season is NOW, in the off-season, not at the start of the season.

Preparing for Tomorrow

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If you always do what  you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

October Games are Won Now!

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Greg and Bryan are organizing lifting times in the weight-room, following the strength program that can be downloaded from the website’s documents page.  Lest we forget that this is the time to get bigger so we do not get pushed off the ball next fall.  The only legitimate reason for not hitting the weights is if you are currently playing another interscholastic sport or have club training on those days.  See Bryan and Greg in school for more information.  The team lifts on Mondays and Wednesdays and does Speed/Agility on Thursdays…